Sweat Fuck Repeat

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Actors: Andre Donovan, Caden Jackson, Luca del Rey, Sean Xavier, Drew Valentino, Colby Melvin, Lawson James, Jarrod James, Eman Zod
Director: Tony Dimarco
Running Time: 02:24:29

From award-winning director Tony Dimarco, this muscled-up film follows the nation’s horniest athletes and football fans as they work out, tailgate, and worship each other’s ripped bodies. Up first, MVP Caden Jackson is getting in some time with personal trainer Andre Donovan when he suddenly feels the trainer’s tongue rimming his jockstrap-covered ass. Over at the team’s favorite spa, masseur Lucadel Rey knows just what to do to help football fucker Sean Xavier loosen up after practice. The locker room always sees the most action though and the second a towel-clad Drew Valentino steps out of the showers, he goes to slap and tap the beefy ass of Colby Melvin. Even the number one fans of these all-star athletes like Lawson James and Jarrod James get in on the action when they’re tailgating and barebacking in the middle of a parking lot. After the big game, Sean Xavier and Zod Blakk are heading back to the gym to pump some iron and pump some dick into each other’s holes. When it comes to bulking up and unloading in this gym, you just always have to remember the motto – ‘Sweat. Fuck. Repeat.’