Take Me To Gripland

Studio: Hot House
Actors: Adrian Hart, Arad Winwin, Austin Avery, Devin Franco, Dillon Diaz, Johnny Ford, Nic Sahara
Director: Jasun Mark, Trenton Ducati
Running Time: 01:49:37

Within the walls of the infamous, bareback Hot House Studios lies a studio space where horny stars, lustful crew hands, and bulging directors say, ‘Take Me to Gripland’. Director’s Trenton Ducati and Jasun Mark capture eight horny studs getting off on a porn set between takes. When the scene wraps, the crew hands Austin Avery and Arad Winwin sneak off to fuck on some studio equipment. While building the set for the next movie, Nic Sahara and Adrian Hart get horny and decide to takeout their sexual tensions on each other’s hole. Austin Avery is scouting shoot locations with director Dillon Diaz when the rehearsal turns into the real deal leaving both of their sacks drained. New hire Devin Franco helps Johnny Ford clean up the studio for the next movie and both studs end up breeding each other’s holes in the process. Watch the steamy ins and outs of working on a porn set and witness what really goes down behind the scenes in ‘Take Me to Gripland’.