Take Off Your Uniform

Studio: Pride Studios
Actors: Angel Ventura, Austin Keyes, Adonis Couverture, Chandler Scott, Michael Roman, Dylan Knight, Marcus Isaacs
Director: Gio Caruso
Running Time: 01:43:50

Angel Ventura tries to cheer Chandler Scott up after he didn’t score during the soccer game. There’s another way he can still score. As they passionately kiss, they grope each other’s growing cocks in their uniform shorts. It seems like the baseball uniform will fit but once Dylan Knight tries to pull the tight pants over his bulging crotch, problems begin to arise. Jimmie Slater’s idea is to empty his balls any way possible and Dylan is totally fine with that. Austin Keyes is in the locker room with a problem. His swim team just got their new uniforms in and it seems it doesn’t quite cover up his huge dick… especially when it’s hard. Michael Roman is at the doc’s office for a pulled hamstring that he got from playing Rugby. Doctor Adonis has him lay out on the exam table and begins to rub Michael’s thighs and inner. Michael notices that his doc has become aroused and his hard cock is showing through his scrubs.