Tales From The Locker Room 3

Studio: Falcon Studios
Actors: Devin Franco, Jordan Starr, Drake Von, Bruce Beckham, Taylor Reign, Michael Boston, Isaac Parker, Jake Waters, Aj Sloan
Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Running Time: 02:28:37

Few outsiders know what actually happens in the depths of a men’s locker room when no one is around to see, but Falcon’s finest are here to unveil every last one of these dirty hookups with ‘Talesfrom the Locker Room 3’. From award-winning director Chi Chi LaRue, this third installment ofFalcon’s acclaimed ‘Locker Room’ series sees a hot load of new and returning jockstrap-sniffing pervs that aren’t afraid to use the team’s locker room as their own person fuck palace. The horned-up football fuckers aren’t the only ones getting in on the action though – even custodian Jordan Starr gets his big dick wet as he stays late to fuck Coach Devin Franco and shove his mop handle up his tight hole. The next morning, team doctors Bruce Beckham and Taylor Reign are taking a look at jock Drake Von when the student athlete’s bushy cock accidentally gets hard during his examination. Over in the team showers, Michael Boston is toweling off when he notices that teammate AJ Sloan can’t stop staring at his naked body. The day goes on and with almost everyone heading out, Isaac Parker runs back to his locker to find janitor Jordan Starr face-deep in his jockstrap, inhaling the ripe scent of his sweaty balls. The jock sniffing continues when football stars AJ Sloan and Jake Waters catch coach Devin Franco hoarding the team’s used jockstraps before barebacking him at both ends right in the middle of his office. Now that you know everything that goes down behind closed doors, just sit back, unzip and imagine you’re taking a deep whiff of a man’s worn jock as Falcon tells this third round of ‘Tales from the Locker Room’.