The Beach House

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Actors: Cole Ryan, Drew Valentino, Caden Jackson, Ryder Flynn, Heath Halo, Tryp Bates, Nicholas Ryder, Beau Butler
Director: Steve Cruz
Running Time: 02:58:10

With fall just around the corner, the rugged men of Raging Stallion must make every second of summer count as they head out to their favorite east coast getaway – ‘The Beach House’. There, eight friends unwind as they enjoy a week of relaxation, fun in the sand, and most importantly, non-stop sex on the shore of Myrtle Beach. While some get their own rooms, others choose to share –like Drew Valentino, for example. He’s bunking with hairy daddy Cole Ryan and starting each day by swallowing down Cole’s throbbing morning wood. During the afternoons, Nicholas Ryder and Heath Halo have been bonding over their mutual love of fishing, while Tryp Bates and Caden Jackson strip off their shirts to soak up some rays on the beach. The never-ending outdoor adventures and bareback fun doesn’t seem to tire these virile men out, though. Always ready for their next nut, Beau Butler, Cole Ryan, Ryder Flynn, and Heath Halo can’t even sit down to watch TV without breaking into a muscled-up foursome that ends with Beau drowning in ropes and ropes of his friends’ fresh nut.