The Great Tool

Studio: Raging Bulls
Actors: Gio Cruz, Izan Loren, Letterio, Luke Tyler, Rocco Steele, Justin Harris, Scott Hunter, Billy Baval, Carlo Cox
Running Time: 02:06:19

We all have memories of that one special dick that took pride of place among all the ones weve enjoyed over the years the greatest tool, so to speak. Well sit back and relax as this collection of horned-up cock-sluts relish the memory of such hard-hitting beauties; relishing their close-up encounters, and secretly yearning for more! And with a stellar cast that includes the likes of Scott Hunter, Justin Harris and Carlo Cox, you just know that this is one spunktastic escapade thats going to linger in the braincells long after the last drops of pent-up goo have been spilt and dried. Believe us, the charging bulls in this set-piece dont hold back for a moment; and neither will you, as you wank yourself off to top-notch glory!