The House Sitter

Studio: Disruptive Films
Actors: Dillon Diaz, Dalton Riley, Kyle Connors, Vincent O’Reilly
Director: Michael Vegas, Walden Woods
Running Time: 01:46:01

Daryl Spence (Kyle Connors) is a professional house sitter, and he takes his job seriously, but never as seriously as he does when he manages the Hawes residence. You see, the Hawes house feels like home for Daryl and Daryl sees Mr. Percy Hawes (Dillon Diaz) as husband material. There’s one problem, Percy Hawes already has a husband.Justin (Dalton Riley) and Ryan (Vincent O’Reilly) grew up together. Justin’s mother and Ryan’s father got married when the boys were three and divorced when Justin and Ryan were teens. Justin and Ryan’s relationship has been strained since the divorce with Justin taking his mother’s side and Ryan taking his father’s.After several years, they decide to meet up again to work through their issues and see if they can recapture their closeness. During their bonding, they realize there’s more there than they ever admitted.