The Joys of Humiliation

Studio: Kinky Hardcore Twinks
Actors: Ken Rollins, Jordan Fit, Kasper Huser, James Oakleigh, Alexis Clark, Dominique Kenique, Josh Milk, Adam Powers
Running Time: 01:35:44

If you’re looking for something on the vanilla side then you’ve most definitely come to the wrong place here, as a collection of the horniest fuckers imaginable take a walk on the distinctly kinky side for your perverse entertainment. Rest assured there’s nothing bland about these boys, whose idea of a good time involves a heavy dose of humiliation for some poor, but very deserving twink. Be they being banged over a swing by a couple of masked fiends, or getting their arse pummeled by a mechanical fuck-machine, this batch of slutty cock-whores takes the action to the next. An unusual level to ensure that every aching cock is unloaded big time!