The Torch

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Studio: Staxus
Actors: Mitto Miles, Timmy Williams, Sun Liu, David Hollister, Nick Fox, Nathan Kelly
Director: John Smith
Running Time: 01:22:27

A kinky science experiment unleashes the horny escapades of Mito Kovac and Timmy Williams, as they engage in a sultry set-piece that will almost certainly have you reaching for the Kleenex in eager appreciation. No doubt about it, these two lads are as horny as fuck, taking full advantage of the dark cellar in which they find themselves to indulge in a hot, sweaty session of cock-sucking, before Mito finally succumbs to temptation and allows his buddy to thrust his hard dick into his very hungry asshole. The ensuing fornication is exactly what you’d expect from these beauties, with Mito riding Timmy’s shaft like a whore before both mates unleash a torrent of spunk that will probably only be matched by your own! Enjoy this and three other explosive bareback scenes starring David Hollister, Sun Liu, Nick Fox, and Nathan Kelly in “The Torch” from Staxus/Sauvage!