The Watcher

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Actors: Michael DelRay, Wesley Woods, Zane Williams, Kaleb Stryker
Running Time: 01:09:08

Kaleb Stryker’s got no time to sit around listening to his roommate Zane Williams complain about how hard it is for straight guys to find a hookup because his hot gay hookup Wesley Woods is coming through! Kaleb takes Wesley right to his bedroom and starts to undress him, licking the tattooed hunk’s nipples and sucking his big cock. Wesley wants to play with Kaleb’s hole, and he eats Kaleb’s ass so good he’s got the hot bottom begging for his dick. Since seeing his hot gay roommate Kaleb Stryker getting dicked down, Zane Williams has been on a bisexual porn kick. When Michael Del Ray comes over and starts fucking Kaleb in the living room, Zane sneaks out to get another live gay sex show! After hearing Kaleb’s loud moans as Michael fucks him piledriver, Zane peeks over the kitchen counter to watch and jack his cock as Michael fucks Kaleb in missionary. After a very hard day, Kaleb Stryker needs a backrub, and his roommate, Zane Williams, is just the guy for the job. Zane tries to act like he’s too straight to touch another dude’s back, but Kaleb knows Zane’s been watching him fuck and loving it, so he tells Zane to keep going lower. Zane gets so turned on with his hands on Kaleb’s muscular ass, he just has to fuck it before feeding Kaleb his cock.