They Never Get Enough

Studio: Playful Toy Boys
Actors: Hector Augusti, Hunt, Milan Sharpe, Thompson, Jack Cameron, Johnny Cruz, Sam Williams, Pyotr Tomek, Rudy Valentino, Benjamin Dunn, Oscar Hart
Running Time: 01:29:43

No matter how much cock they get, for some boys its just never enough. A sentiment that will quickly become apparent in this ball-busting, cum-spraying escapade that quite literally has winner written all over it. Jack Cameron, Pyotr Tomek and the irrepressible Rudy Valentino are just some of the wanton, cock-crazed stars on offer; with the hunky addition of Hector Agusti thrown in for a bit of interracial relief. The result is a truly exhausting torrent of boy-on-boy action, including some amazing double-penetrating fun; as the lads throw all caution to the wind to secure the most mind-blowing sex of their lives. And without a condom in sight, this is one mixed-up riot that will have you spewing in no time!