Timberwolves 2: Blood Moon

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Actors: Ricky Larkin, Adam Ramzi, Logan Stevens, Boomer Banks, Jake Morgan, Alex Mecum, Sharok, Brian Bonds, Drake Masters, Drew Sebastian, Riley Mitchel
Director: Steve Cruz
Running Time: 03:17:36

Sexual animals with primal inhibitions still walk among us in “Blood Moon: Timberwolves 2,” a supernatural sequel to the wildly successful Timberwolves from 2013. The stakes are higher and the sex is hotter as furry studs tear into each other in a rapacious and raw fuck-fest. Wolf brothers Drake Masters and Sharok are living quietly among the mortals in this sleepy mountain town, but it’s Drake who can’t seem to control his primal impulses to feed, which threatens to expose the pack. “Blood Moon” picks up with Adam Ramzi returning and seeking answers to a friend’s disappearance in the local woods just five years earlier. Sheriff Ricky Larkin finds him irresistible. Adam tells himself he’s looking for his missing friend, but as the case grows cold, he learns he’s just being used for sweaty man sex. Unable to face the truth about his own actions, Adam has a huge fight with Ricky. Ricky seeks advice from his horse-hung besties Boomer Banks, Jake Morgan, and Logan Stevens, and leaves them to finish their thirsty game of flip-fuck strip poker. Adam stumbles into the woods under a “Blood Moon” and becomes prey for Drake’s uncontrollable appetite. Drake denies his crime to his brother, Sharok, who turns to Alex Mecum’s massive cock for comfort. Meanwhile, the rift between wolf brothers and the locals rips wide open when they find Adam’s ravaged body. Violence gets out of hand and Drake must reveal his true wolf nature to help his brother escape. Drake and a wounded Sharok race through the badlands, where Drake blows married straight dude Brian Bonds for gas money. Desperate and lost, Drake wanders the desert where he meets lone wolf, Drew Sebastian who teaches him how to own his true nature and survive; Drake thanks him by riding his ten-inch dick. Back home, Deputy Riley Mitchel gets his beefy ass impaled by Sheriff Ricky. Alight with the fury of vengeance, Drake returns home to reckon with his tormentors. “Blood Moon: Timberwolves 2” will leave you howling for more.