TIMFuck 21: Ramrod

Studio: Treasure Island Media
Actors: Atlas Grant, Butta Nutt, Champion, Devin Masters, Esteban, Gian Luca, Jake Morgan, Jason Cox, Joel Someone, Levy Foxx, Max Adonis, Nico Bellic, Parker Logan, Sean Duran, Teddy Forest, Zane Taylor
Director: I. Que Grande
Running Time: 01:50:08

“Gimme that cock!” is a phrase heard over and over in RAMROD, this TIMFUCK collection of 8 big dick men fucking hungry bottom scenes from I. Que Grande. The tops are king and the bottoms are there to take care of the pole and receive the load. That is their duty and they know it! We also have a couple of role reversal scenes with a power bottom showing off they can fuck too and one power top becoming a hole for cock. ESTEBAN fucks JAKE MORGAN, master DEVIN MASTERS works over MAX ADONIS, JOEL SOMEONE teaches CHAMPION who his hole belongs to, SEAN DURAN makes us all jealous we are not GIAN LUCA, JASON COX demonstrates his top skills on ZANE TAYLOR, NICO BELLIC pulverizes LEVY FOXX, PARKER LOGAN turns TEDDY FOREST into a cumdump, and BUTTA NUTT owns ATLAS GRANT’s man-cunt.