Top Load

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Johnny Hill, Donte Thick, Solomon Aspen, Dacotah Red, Elye Black, Dalton Riley, Will Braun, Dante Martin, Michael Boston
Director: Rocco Fallon, Cameron Dalile
Running Time: 02:17:43

When Elye Black catches step-brother Aspen jerking off in his room while sniffing his underwear, he has two choices: get mad or get even. Luckily for Aspen, Elye is the type of brother who could appreciate suddenly finding out there’s a secret cock pig in the house. There’s nothing Donte Thick loves to do more on his weekends than get outside for a nice nature hike, but when he runs across Johnny Hill and Dacotah Red hidden behind a tree. Watching them from behind the brush, Donte gets excited at the thought of joining them, and when Johnny sees him lurking, Donte comes right out and asks the two of them if he can join. Tasked with the job of loading up for a move, Dante Martin and Michael Boston both have their minds on a different sort of load. Dalton Riley and Will Braun are pretty bummed to find out the hotel messed up their reservation and stuck them with a single queen bed. Both exhausted, they try to make the best of it, and when Dalton’s sl–py boner rubs up against Will’s ass, it turns out to be a blessing that they are both hiding secret feelings.