Toys For Twinks

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Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Kyle Bryant, Greyson Lane, Avery Jones, Dylan Hayes, Julian Bell, Scott Finn, Jason Reed
Director: Rocco Fallon
Running Time: 02:07:51

Step-brothers Kyle Brant and Greyson Lane couldn’t be more opposite to one another. Greyson is an open freak but Kyle is much more sheltered and reserved. But when Kyle catches Greyson jacking to some gay porn, he’s very intrigued. Just looking for a quiet place to rub one out, Julian Bell is horrified to discover he’s being spied on by the biggest mouth in the neighborhood, Dylan Hayes. But Dylan quickly shows him that he can use his mouth for a lot more than blabbing secrets. It was Christmas Eve and Avery Jones was rustling under the tree trying to get a glimpse of his Christmas bonus. Unfortunately for him, Julian Bell caught him red-handed, and if Avery wants his vacation loot, he’ll have to work for it. Now that he’s in his senior year, Jason Reed is full of confidence. Scott Finn notices Jason’s change and Jason notices that Scott is checking more than his form. It looks like Scott has something to show Jason off the pitch, and Jason is ready and willing to absorb whatever Scott is willing to show him.