Train Hard To Fuck Hard

Studio: Playful Toy Boys
Actors: Keny Austen, Carlos Conell, Tim Walker, Sven Larsson, Erik Franke, Robie Kasl, Kyle Wilkinson, Tristan Cane, Andy Fisher, Jay Renfro, George Plozen
Running Time: 01:43:40

You need to be at the peak of your game to be a top-notch porn-star and whats the best way to achieve that? Yes, thats right, making sure you have sex, and plenty of it! Which is the perfect excuse for this gorgeous bunch of horny sluts to make the most of each and every opportunity to get their cocks out with each other to enjoy some of the hottest action youre ever likely to see. Jay Renfro, Sven Laarson and George Plozen lead an all-star cast of on-screen wannabes, who think nothing of sucking dick and taking cock up the arse like the complete and total whores they were clearly born to be. All totally bareback, and topped off with spurt after generous spurt of hot jizz for the final showdown!