Triple Feature

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Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Jayden Marcos, Andrew Miller, Nico Coopa, Elliot Finn, Brandon Anderson, Trevor Harris
Director: Conrad Parker, Walden Woods
Running Time: 02:51:19

Triple Feature combines three amazing stories of Lust, Sexuality, & Love from Next Door Films.In Weekend Getaway, Elliot Finn has invited Nico Coopa and his crush, Trevor Harris, for a weekend getaway at his new house. But, when Nico falls for Trevor as well, things get complicated. Will Trevor go for one over the other? Or will something sexier happen?In Just Curious, Andrew Miller, Brandon Anderson, and Jayden Marcos are high school friends who come together to hang out on a vacation. But, when Andrew admits to the other two that he’s hooked up with a guy Brandon’s interest is piqued. Will Andrew and Brandon hookup? Or will Brandon ignore his fascination?In Paramour, Trevor Harris gets the shock of a lifetime when he finds his boyfriend Brandon Anderson cheating on him with Jayden Marcos. But, when Jayden apologizes and reveals he didn’t know Brandon was taken, he invites Trevor over for a dinner that sparks into a wonderful evening. But is Trevor ready to move on? Or do his feelings for Brandon still burn brightly?