Studio: Southern Strokes
Actors: Curtis Cameron, Roman Capellini, Oliver Morgenson, Daniel Hausser, Timber Harvest, Xavier Ryan, Vitali Kutcher, Justin Cross, Aiden Ward
Running Time: 01:22:59

The French have an expression- joie de vivre. It means zest for life. Which is exactly what todays twink has, and its positively twinktastic! They passionately throw themselves into whatever strikes their fancy. From sports to sex. Of course, it helps that theyre young and alluring. And chasing around after balls, or working out? It spikes the testosterone already running through their veins. Vitali Kutcher, Oliver Morgenson, Aiden Ward, Xavier Ryan, Timber Harvest, Curtis Cameron, Roman Capellini, Justin Cross, and Daniel Hausser go from already horny to ravenous sex animals. So come give yourself over to absolute pleasure, as they do, and allow yourself to feel…Twinkastic!