Uncle Drew Fucked You Too

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Studio: Trailer Trash Boys
Actors: Shae Reynolds, Felix Fox, Bryce Hart, Johnny Ford, Dylan Hayes, Zak Bishop, Michael Roman, Devin Franco, Drew Sebastian, Jack Hunter
Director: Anthony Duran, Trenton Ducati, Jasun Mark
Running Time: 01:48:52

We ain’t seen Uncle Drew around here for a while. Seems he got himself into some legal trouble and had 90 days of free room and board courtesy of the local authorities. But now that Uncle Drew Sebastian’s got his ass out of jail, he wants to get his dick into some ass. Zak Bishop is more than happy to turn around and take it. But the Trailer Trash Boys have all been busy. Johnny Ford takes his boyfriend Dylan Hayes to a fancy-ass hotel; Michael Roman and Felix Fox wash a car and Michael gives Felix the hose; cousin Devin Franco and Bryce Hart are back at it behind the shed; cousin Jack Hunter and Shae Reynolds get caught by the foreman and fuck twice in an epic scene. Eventually you’ll all say Uncle Drew Fucked You Too. That’s how we roll at Lot 45.