Studio: Fetish Force
Actors: Dillon Diaz, Alpha Wolfe, Isaac X, Beau Butler
Director: Trenton Ducati, Jasun Mark
Running Time: 01:27:56

Enter the torturous realm of Wrapped, where the doms restrain their subs with plastic wrap anddeliver pain and pleasure. In this menacing fetish room filled with scores of peverted devices, theintensity is high and the anguish is palpable. Co-directors Trenton Ducati and Jasun Mark assemblea cast of four hardcore fetish fiends who are ready to submit themselves to anything that cums theirway. After waking up and being bound by plastic wrap, Beau Butler gets candle wax, pinwheel pricksand his tight ass stretched deep by an anal trainer, dildos and Alpha Wolfes dick. Round two hasAlpha Wolfe restraining Beau and using and abusing his holes in nearly every way. Dillon Diaz andAlpha Wolfe double wrap Isaac X and make him submit to relentless edging pleasure as hes beingun-Wrapped, and Dillon fucks his mouth after he releases. Alpha Wolfe controls a wild fuck machineas it drills Dillon Diaz and Isaac X, until he wants to drill Isaac himself, and then Dillon bends over totake it in the ass from Isaac and the mouth from Alpha. Get Wrapped up in this no-holds-barredfetish fuck fest, and watch these sexy studs submit each other to relentless punishment until yourcock is satisfied.