Young Boys and Their Tight Asses

Studio: Twink Deluxe
Actors: Nick Gill, Shane Hirch, Luis Bigdog, Dan Steele, Tim Walker, Dave Circus, Brad Fitt, Johny Cruz, Jordan Jacobs, Alex Granger, Jack Bloom
Running Time: 01:56:58

Let’s be honest now, is there really anything more enjoyable than a cute, young lad and his lovely tight ass? These guys dont seem to think so, thats for sure; as they take every chance to savour those endearing holes to the max, both indoors and out. Guys like Shane Hirch, Nick Daniels and Tim Walker, who are out of their clothes in next to no time so that they can savour the rip-roaring delights of hard dick; before plunging deep into the kind of hardcore action double-penetration included! thats almost certain to have gay guys around the world furiously wanking like its going out of fashion. All neatly wrapped up with a tsunami of pent-up teen-juice that gets splattered over those tight arses as a well-deserved tribute!