Young Innocents

Studio: Playful Toy Boys
Actors: Ennio Guardi, Denis Reed, Yuri Adamov, Gabriel, Chris Cool, Junior Pavanello, George Basten, Milan Breeze, Chris Young, George Plozen, Jerry Harris, Roman Smid, Sebastian Kubik, Zaho Sebastian Mann, Sam Brooks, Martin Lasota, Martin Love, Hassan Fajsal, Pepa Lansky
Running Time: 01:40:55

Oh they might look like young innocents, but rest assured that this handsome batch of horny beauts are nothing of the kind. In fact, their lives pretty much move from one big, fat cock to the next as amply demonstrated in this sordid escapade that will appeal to anyone who loves their boys to be smooth, fresh-faced, well-hung and eager to act the slut. Of course, with a cast-list that includes the likes of Yuri Adamov and Zaho Sebastian Mann youd pretty much expect nothing less; as one raw dick after another gives these crazy whores the kind of stretching that they were pretty much born for. All topped off with a classy torrent of pent-up boy jizz thatll have you creaming like its going out of fashion!