Young Twinks Fuck

Studio: Southern Strokes
Actors: Robbie Dane, Curtis Cameron, Roman Capellini, Kaleb Cross, Timber Harvest, Xavier Ryan, Grayson Lange, Seth Knight
Running Time: 01:17:23

Do you remember what it was like to be young? The stress of the world wasnt weighing you down. You had no bills to pay and no serious relationship to worry about. Just video games, being outside and running the streets with your dick in your hand. Maybe you were the rebel type, out cutting class with your friends. Smoking cigs and sucking on one another’s hard cocks. Or maybe, you were a heart breaker who fucked whatever hole was available. I know, you were the sporty type who hung out with your friends on the basketball court, but those werent the only balls you were taking to the hole. Perhaps you were a little bit of everything. A well-rounded cum whore and are proud of it. We are too. You might not be young or dumb, but I bet you’re still full of cum. And if you are ready to take a trip down memory lane while stroking your cock, let Curtis Cameron, Robbie Dane, Seth Knight, Grayson Lange, Kaleb Cross, Roman Capellini, Xavier Ryan, and Timber Harvest be your guides on Young Twinks Fuck.