Your Ass Will Burn

Studio: Kinky Hardcore Twinks
Actors: Ollie Blue, David Luca, James Oakleigh, Alexis Clark, Jasper Rhodes, River Wilson, Taylor Blaze, Xavier Sibley, AJ Alexander, Ashton Bradley
Running Time: 01:30:31

No room for lightweights here, guys, thats for sure; as a collection of horny fuckers go wild and rampant like never before for your personal kinky pleasure. No doubt about it, the likes of Ashton Bradley, Xavier Sibley and James Oakleigh are gonna be branded into your brain by the time this hard-kicking frenzy reaches its conclusion; as the lads push each others boundaries to the very limit if not beyond! No doubt about it, if the sight of guys being ruthlessly abused like the sluts they truly are is something that makes you go weak at the knees not to mention hard in the crotch! then youre in for a hard-hitting treat; all nicely topped off by a whitewash of creamy goo that has to be seen to be believed!