A Virgin No More

Studio: Disruptive Films
Actors: Jayden Marcos, Dale Savage, Evan Knoxx, Scott Finn, Jack Bailey, Trevor Harris
Director: Walden Woods
Running Time: 01:34:02

After Toby (Jack Bailey) loses his virginity to his dad’s best friend Carl (Dale Savage), Toby wants something serious with the older man. Unfortunately for Toby, Carl wanted a virgin, and now that Toby isn’t one, Carl is not interested. That is, until Toby’s father calls Carl to tell him that Toby and his best friend Will (Scott Finn) will be in Carl’s town and they need a place to stay. Hearing that Will is coming with Carl gives Carl a bright idea. He opens his home to Toby and Will, and Toby will do whatever it takes to get back in Carl’s good graces. Joel Blanchard (Trevor Harris) is sick and tired of his buddy Corey Porter (Evan Knoxx) being boring as hell now that he has a long-term boyfriend. Joel suggests to Corey that they play an old game of “Who Can Get the Guy?” with his eyes on their shared boss Luca Krueger (Jayden Marcos). A little game in A Virgin No More turns into a big betrayal in Organ Donor: Envious Heart.