Anal Savage

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Studio: Naked Beauty
Actors: Erik, Mark Fontana, Eytan Zevi, Hugo Diorr, Bjorn Nykvist, Lucas Drake, Arthur Kral
Running Time: 01:46:45

You like your boys smooth, hairless and as horny as fuck for cock? Then youve definitely come to the right place with this collection of gorgeous beauties whose idea of a good time is feasting on dick like its going out of fashion. True, the likes of Arthur Kral, Lucas Drake and Bjorn Nykvist might look like their all sweet and innocent, but nothing could be further from the truth as youll very quickly realise once the action begins. No question about it, these wanton fuckers cant wait to get their arses stretched to the max; parting their puckers at the first opportunity so that they ride raw like never before. And with a veritable tsunami of jizz getting blasted time and again, this is one anal show you simply wont want to miss!