Back Alley Cruising

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Carter Woods, Beaux Banks, Elliot Finn, Julian Brady, Anthony Moore, Dakota Payne, Scott Finn, Dalton Riley, Ryan Jordan
Director: Cameron Dalile, Walden Woods
Running Time: 01:56:30

Fresh out of the shower, Beaux Banks has a clean body but a dirty mind, and he’s looking to satisfy his urges anyway he can. But Beaux doesn’t want just any lame lay… what he’s looking for is a good, hard, deep dicking. Luckily Ryan Jordan has the tool and the desire to quench Beaux’s thirst for cock. It’s a hot summer day with hard work ahead for cowboys Carter Woods and Julian Brady. After admiring Julian nailing the poles on the fence, it’s Carter’s turn to do some nailing. The barn becomes hotter as the cowboys get it on. Dakota Payne is hanging out on the wrong side of the tracks, looking for a little danger and excitement. He takes his time scanning the shadows for his perfect bad boy, and when he happens across Dalton Riley, he jumps at the opportunity and milks it for everything it’s worth. Scott Finn is having a fun time with stud Anthony Moore. The two can’t keep their hands to themselves. Little do they know, Scott’s stepbrother Elliot Finn is watching them! Once caught, Scott tells his stepbrother to join in. A hot threesome ensues and Anthony finds out just how well the Finns can fuck!