Backdoor Pleasure

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Studio: Fresh Hotties
Actors: Ryan Mason, Ryan Cayman, Jason Domino, Theo Ford, Alex Silvers, Mickey Taylor, Nathan Hope, Tony Parker
Running Time: 01:36:12

Some guys dont appreciate just how good it can feel to have back door action but dont include the lads in this hot escapade from Fresh Hotties in that number. Far from it, in fact. The likes of Theo Ford, Nathan Hope and Tony Parker know exactly how much pleasure you can get from taking cock up your arse; and whats more theyre more than happy to demonstrate such enjoyment to the world. Cue a fabulous action-packed bonanza of hot male-on-male action; as some of the cutest, horniest dudes in the biz get together to ram home the message that anal exploration is the way to go. Little wonder these boys are soon straining to unload; with a tsunami of spunk getting splattered in all directions as a very fitting finale!