Boys Love Daddy Dick 5

Studio: Bring Me a Boy
Actors: Caetano Silva, Dimitry Simonit, Eric Lenn, Felix Harris, Jan Blatnik, John Barber, Pablo Alt, Rick Lennon
Running Time: 01:10:57

A twink like Pablo Alt will try to get away with a lot, but a strong father figure like Eric Lenn can put them on the right path, leading straight to daddys dick. Pablo’s tight hole took a few tries to get in, but once Eric was in, nobody wanted him to pull out. Sexy twink Dimitry Simonit needed the type of attention only a willing teammate could provide. Good thing he has Caetano Silva to help however needed, especially if it means he gets to suck some cock. When a sexy boy like Jamie Kelvin throws themselves at you, it is easy to get dick-stracted. Stepdad John Barber and his book never stood a chance. John fucked his boy’s ass until his seed was flowing down Jamie’s face. When you have a sexy jock twink like Felix Harris in need of a helping hand, you do whatever is needed because that’s what step-brothers like Rick Lennon are for, that and stroking off on your ass.