Boys’ Night In

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Johnny Ford, Trevor Harris, Grant Ducati, Derek Kage, Jonathan Tylor, Roman Todd, Scott Finn, Julian Brady
Director: Walden Woods, Conrad Parker
Running Time: 02:13:20

Trevor Harris is an average everyday student hoping to get into his dream school. However, he doesn’t know if he has what it takes to get in. When his stepdad, Johnny Ford, finds out about his insecurities, Ford vows to help Trevor get into his dream school. They’ll need to practice for the interview and a physical?! Does Trevor have what it takes to get into his dream school? Jonathan’s stepmom, Christy Love, invites over her new boyfriend. Roman Todd tries to get along with Jonathan Tylor to satisfy Christy, and she leaves the two alone. Roman annoys Jonathan and starts to wrestle with him, but they eventually kiss. Derek Kage wants to bond with his stepson Grant Ducati. When Derek reveals that he used to experiment with guys back in the day, things take an unexpected turn for their relationship. Scott Finn’s got it bad for his brother’s husband Julian Brady. When the two have some time alone together, Scott makes his move and gives Julian a fierce fucking.