College Desire

Studio: Hot Twinks
Actors: Angel Lopez, Genesis, Julian Smiles, Kayden Spike, Lewis Romeo, Nail Brooks, Timo Garrett, Trevor, Zac Drogba, Zaccary Plastic
Running Time: 01:32:59

Going to college is all about expanding the mind, but the fact remains that there’s plenty of lads who head there to expand their hungry butt holes. College Desire introduces a bevy of such filthy-minded fuckers, such as Angel Lopez, Lewis Romeo and Julian Smiles, whose only interest it seems is to get their hands (and asses) on as much dick as possible. Of course, it’s exactly the kind of curriculum that you horny wankers will want to see; and needless to say there’s not a single one of these gorgeous hung beauties that disappoints. Seriously, you’re gonna be left wishing that your college days had been as exciting; as throbbing cocks get sucked and holes get plugged time and again. All richly resulting in a torrent of spunk for everyone to savour.