College Perversions

Studio: Naked Beauty
Actors: Victor Creed, Joey Baker, Dino Borisov, Justin Fisher, Johnny Cherry, Martin Muse, Chris Jansen, Marion Anel, Mike Davis
Running Time: 01:43:14

Do these lads have perversions? Well, let you be the judge of that. What we will say, however, is that the likes of Joey Baker, Martin Muse, and Chris Jansen have an appetite for cock and ass that’s second to none, and that, as a result, you’re probably going to be bowled over by the rip-roaring account of top-notch gay sex that ensues. Of course, you’d probably expect nothing less from college lads first time away from home, and they sure as hell don’t disappoint right from the off. Big dicked and horny as fuck, they’re into each other (literally) in next to no time, slurping on all those thick, meaty inches before riding each other to ecstasy and producing oodles of much-desired teen spunk in the process.