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Studio: Raging Bulls
Actors: Nelson Poley, Thomas Mars, Esteban, Fostter Riviera, Jackson Fillmore, Vinnie Stefano, Hugh Hunter, Tony Bishop, Cliff Inch
Running Time: 01:54:53

Some guys live for football, some guys live for beer and some guys (like the ones in this stupendous offering from Raging Bull live for the taste and feel of hard dick. Thats not to say that any of these loves are exclusive, of course, and the fact remains that any one of these handsome buddies may have a love of soccer and ale off-camera, but rest assured that its their desire for thick, meaty phallus that takes their priority in this sordid escapade a fact you simply wont be able to escape right from the very first minute. The result is exactly the kind of mind-blowing, ball-busting exploit that fans of this kind of uninhibited filth deserve; with lashings of pent-up cum signalling a right sticky rap for everyone concerned!