Divine Fanatics Get A Lusty Ride

Studio: Fresh Hotties
Actors: Ross Drake, Damien Ryder, Lincoln Gates, Stephan Black, Jake Kelvin, Nathan Hope, Jack Green
Running Time: 01:37:17

Theyre handsome, theyre hung, and theyre as horny as fuck. Eight of the hottest beauts in the biz get together for some of the best gay action youre ever likely to encounter; feasting on every hard, throbbing inch of man-meat on offer like its going out of fashion, before taking it deep in their arses time and again. Its exactly the kind of wanton filth that will have you reaching for your zipper and the Kleenex in quick succession; as these gorgeous beauts prove to the whole world what it means to be gay and horny in the modern world. Lads like Nathan Hope, Stephen Black and Damien Ryder, who take the kind of lusty ride of all our wet dreams, and turn them into a blistering foray of hardcore gay action over and over!