Duty Bound 58

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Studio: William Higgins
Actors: Martin Hovor, Rick Palmer, Tony Milak, Filda Daneska, Tyler Ross, Gregor Gilead
Director: William Higgins
Running Time: 58:16

Alexandr Jander is on the training bench, naked, blindfolded and shackled as Martin Hovor arrives. Alexandr asks for help and Martin is more than happy to oblige in his own way. He strips down to his see-through underwear and he starts to beat on Alexandr’s ass with a crop. He rubs all over that sexy ass and spanks it too. Alexandr’s hot hole is exposed as he sits astride the bench. Martin spanks that sexy ass and uses the crop too as Alexandr tries to resist. Martin also rubs himself as his cock starts to get hard. He pulls his cock out and shoves it into Alexandr’s mouth for sucking. Filda Daneska is training with the punch bag when he is overpowered by a hooded Jeremy Robbins who strips and gags him and shackles him too. Then as Filda kneels on the bench Jeremy begins to spank his exposed ass. He runs his hands all over Filda, spreading the ass cheeks to check on the tight hole. Then Jeremy removes the gag and shoves his rock hard cock into Filda’s mouth. He fucks that hot mouth as he holds Filda’s head. Igor Uganec is naked as he sits back to front on the chair. He is blindfolded too and has the sexy Tony Milak rubbing and slapping his hot ass. Tony grabs Igor’s hair as he rubs that hot ass and the eager hole. Tony slips a finger into that hole and starts to fuck it. Igor’s dick is pulled back by the chair and is rock hard as his hole gets the finger deep inside. Tony takes his time, talking to Igor as he fingers the hole well.