Falcon Icons: The 1980s

Studio: Falcon Studios
Running Time: 03:02:34

Actors: Kevin Williams, Chad Douglas, Joey Stefano, Steve Kreig, Doug Niles, Kris Bjorn, Sky Dawson, Dick Fisk, Lee Ryder, Leo Ford, Pete Gable, Rod Phillips, Mark Hunter, Kurt Marshall, Tony Bravo, Chris Lance, Jeff Converse, Giorgio Canali, Scott O’Hara, Domino, Rex Chandler, Steve Hammond, Jack Lofton, Ron Pearson, Todd Baron, Cal Driver, Casey Jordan, Eric Manchester, Jim Bentley, Race Jensen, Chris Williams, Tony Marino, Ryan Stone, Sean Lawrence, Buster, Melchor, O G Johnson
Bill Clayton, Steven Scarborough, Al Parker

Falcon Studios celebrates the iconic men of its legendary history with a specially curated collection of scenes featuring the finest fan-favorite models from each decade. In the 80s, the legendary studio became synonymous with gay sex. All-American, preppy, handsome and hung, the Men of Falcon rivaled Hollywood’s leading men and gained legions of fans around the globe. These groundbreaking gay videos explored gay sexual freedom in a whole new way that continued to build on the foundation of the brand.