Falcon Icons: The 1990s

Studio: Falcon Studios
Running Time: 03:19:07

Actors: Tom Chase, Mike Branson, Jeremy Penn, Jordan West, Bryan Williams, Eric Stone, Jeff Palmer, Hal Rockland, Ken Ryker, Aiden Shaw, David Montana, Steve Gibson, Brad Mitchell, Brad Stone, Jake Taylor, Dean Spencer, Todd Gibbs, Danny Somers, Kris Lord, Kyle Becker, Rod Barry, Anthony Shaw, Christopher Scott, Kristian Brooks, Travis Wade, Matthew Anders, Jake Andrews, Scott Russell, David Logan, Doug Perry, Brandon West, Hunter Scott, Chad Donovan, Brad Hunt, Scott Wilder, Noel Hardwick, Nick Ford, Eric Hanson, and Scott Baldwin
Director: John Rutherford, Steven Scarborough

Falcon Studios celebrates the iconic men of its legendary history with a specially curated collection of scenes featuring the finest fan-favorite models from each decade. In the 90s, the legendary studio had cemented its position as the #1 brand in gay porn and became a major influence on gay culture. The 90s Men of Falcon redefined the term “porn star,” becoming gay sex symbols and celebrities who made public appearances at conventions and Pride celebrations all over the country. Their intense sexual appetites and exceptional performances are some of the finest ever in gay porn.