Falcon Icons: The 2000s

Studio: Falcon Studios
Director: Chris Steele, Steven Scarborough, John Bruno, Chi Chi LaRue, John Rutherford, Jim Steel
Running Time: 04:18:21

Actors: Joe Sport, Erik Rhodes, Derrick Vinyard, Mike Power, Alex Rossi, Maxx Diesel, Brad Patton, Barrett Long, Dean Monroe, Jason Adonis, Roman Heart, Leo Giamani, Matthew Rush, Zeb Atlas, Jeremy Jordan, Chad Hunt, Gus Mattox, Ben Damon, Josh Weston, Tommy Brandt, Tyler Marks, Justin Wells, Mason Wyler, Dakota Rivers, Jeremy Hall, Pierre Fitch, Ralph Woods, Ross Stuart, Trevor Knight, Aden Jaric, Jordan Jaric

Falcon Studios celebrates the iconic men of its legendary history with a specially curated collection of scenes featuring the finest fan-favorite models from each decade. In the 2000s, gay porn became more and more accepted, and the internet exposed millions of people to the legendary studio. The Men of Falcon who rose to fame at this time became internationally known superstars. Larger than life personalities, remarkable physiques, and giant dicks became the Falcon standard and the action these men delivered is some of the most memorable and steamiest man-on-man action ever filmed.