Gay College Passion

Studio: Cum Freaks
Actors: Abel, Cedric, Etienne, Gael, Gerard, Gustave, Joel, Mark
Running Time: 01:58:32

College days are often described as the best days of a young man’s life – and for very good reason. Especially if the sordid adventures detailed in Gay College Passion from the folks at Cum Freaks are anything to go by. The likes of Etienne, Gustave and Gerard may have arrived at this esteemed place of higher education as nave young men, but rest assured that’s a state of affairs that doesn’t last for very long. Indeed, before you know it they’re engaging in the kind of wanton fuck-fests that make being young so utterly amazing. Cue a brilliant, ball-sapping frenzy that will have twink fans wanking like never before; with a stunning display of pent-up spunk duly cementing this cum-drenched classic as a must-see watch.