Gay Paradise

Studio: Raging Bulls
Actors: Alex Hill, Lucio Saints, Issac Jones, Hussein Paris, Josh Jared, Nicolas Torri, Antonio Garcia, Lucas Davidson, David Castan
Running Time: 02:01:04

Legend has it that theres a land far away where the entire population is made up of handsome, hung dudes who do nothing all day, every day but suck and fuck to their hearts content. Its a gay paradise for sure, and the good news is that the guys as Raging Bull have taken the cameras to bring back the footage of this glorious sexual Eden. Featuring the likes of Alec Hill, Hussein Paris and Antonio Garcia, this wild and reckless adventure will have you unzipping in next to no time; as the lads in question take full opportunity to enjoy the mating season in this glorious, tropical gay Nirvana. And with a literal tidal wave of spunk resulting with every encounter, weve no doubt youll have your tickets booked in no time!