Going Commando 10

Studio: Active Duty
Actors: Liam Daniels, Blake Effortly, Bradley Hayes, Scott Finn, Princeton Price, Ryan Jordan, Tyson Stone, Johnny B
Directors: SS-Digital, Digitized Tape
Running Time: 01:51:51

Scott Finn couldn’t wait to suck Liam Daniels’ cock. Once they sat on the bed, he didn’t waste any time before he wrapped that eager mouth around his cock and began deep throating him. Ryan Jordan and Tyson Stone kick back on the bed and begin blowing each other intensely until they smoothly convert into a 69. Tyson goes first since Ryan is one amazing bottom and he loves fresh cock up his sexy ass. Bradley Hayes loves a good sucker but all he wants right now is his smooth ass licked deep. Princeton Price lifts his legs up over his head revealing his perfectly tight hole. One look at it and his tongue is deep inside licking and tasting the sweet nectar that Bradley has to offer. Johnny B is ready to service Blake Effortly and he takes every inch of his thick cock deep down his throat. Johnny’s favorite thing to do is to gag on cock and eat another male’s ass.