Going Commando 18

Studio: Active Duty
Actors: Andrew Delta, Andrew Miller, Brock Kniles, Davin Strong, JC, Kyler Drayke, Robert Law
Director: Private Parker, Major Woods, Jared Camelon, Leo Sunday
Running Time: 02:35:43

AJC Hunt and new recruit Robert Law were excited to fuck from the moment they saw each other. These two studs have chemistry to spare in this sexy flip-fuck. Two muscle studs just having some fun. Brock Kniles and Andrew Miller team up for a super sexy Active Duty fuck. New Recruit Brock Reynolds is eager to take Kyler Drayke’s big cock. These two studs are hot for each other and ready to go all out in his hot Active Duty fuck. Muscle stud Davin Strong is ready to have a ton of fun with sexy Andrew Delta. These two studs go all out in this hot Active Duty fuck.