Hole Destroyer

Studio: Pride Studios
Actors: Joel Someone, Justin Eros, Alex Tikas, Max Sargent, Bennett Anthony, Sean Duran, Matt Stevens, Damien Crosse
Director: Gio Caruso
Running Time: 01:31:11

Watch Hole Destroyer as hairy studs Bennett Anthony and Alex Tikas eat it, fuck it and pound it. Max Sargent takes Matt Stevens to paradise when he fucks Matt the way he wants to be fucked. The guys scratch the itch while Matt takes that dick in this lusty hookup. Kissing, deepthroating, rimming…those are all hot for Joel Someone but he absolutely cannot wait to destroy Damien Crosse’s hole.After working out at the gym, Sean Duran and Justin Eros get undressed in the locker room. They introduce themselves to each other. Liking what they see, they waste no time and get right into kissing.