Hot Contact

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Studio: Raw Boys
Actors: Caleb Moreton, Chris Fox, George Basten, Jeremy Stoor, John Hill, Joshua Finley, Julian Tomlinson, Mark Brown
Director: Adam Collins
Running Time: 01:41:44

Even these sex obsessed pretty young twinks enjoy a romance or two, and when it’s between two or more stunning, hung fuckers, it’s all the more exciting! Seducing each other with flowers, presents and wine, it’s not long before these gifts work their magic, and the clothes start to peel off each other and hot lips kiss, juicy tongues lick, and giant dicks throb! Getting hotter and hotter, it’s soon a tangle of slim defined bodies, peachy edible butts and bouncing dicks sliding into each other raw and ready and increasing tempo until the jets of spunk start speeding from their long shafts, all over faces, butts and slim torsos!