Hot on the Market

Studio: Disruptive Films
Actors: Brock Brodie, Ian Holmes, Trevor Brooks, Vincent O’Reilly
Director: Michael Vegas, Walden Woods, Siouxsie Q.
Running Time: 01:13:00

An aggravated husband (Brock Johnsyn) is lured through yet another weekend of hopeless house hunting by his wife (Eliza Ibarra). She swears this house might be the one. After all, the realtor (Trevor Brooks) knows his way around and comes highly recommended. Soon, the husband realizes that he isn’t the only one in the market for an upgrade. Marcus Cook (Ian Holmes) is a married man, but his wife can’t please him as well as a man can. And he found one man who gets him off just how he likes it, Andy Stiller (Vincent O’Reilly). Andy has been Marcus’s sidepiece for two years and Andy has been in love with him for one more than that. When Marcus tells Andy that he has major news and whisks him away for a romantic weekend, Andy is hopeful that he’s about to have everything he’s ever wanted.