I’m a Pig, Sir

Studio: Nasty Daddy
Actors: Dale Savage, Lawson James, Greg Riley, Lance Charger, Jax Thirio, Ryan Carter, Jack Dixon, Drew Sebastian, Carlo Cox
Director: Anthony Duran, Trenton Ducati
Running Time: 01:21:57

Wanna get nasty? I’m a Pig, Sir is packed with filthy, dirty action starring some of the meatiest players in porn. Lawson James is all muscles, hairy chest, and sexy beard. Watch as he fucks hot sub Greg Riley like the little pig that he is. Ryan Carter takes the action to the dirty men’s room and makes Jax Thirio squeal.DILFs Dale Savage and Lance Charger get really dirty together, while Drew Sebastian dominates muscle sub Greg. Jack Dixon was achin’ for the bacon and gets his hairy hole fucked as he bottoms for Carlo Cox. That’s more pork that you can fit in your mouth at once, but you’ll soon be saying I Am a Pig, Sir.