Indecent Projects

Studio: Dirty Boy Desires
Actors: Tyler, Ryan, Patrick Kennedy, Thomas Cooper, Ian Graves, Kevin, Andy, Jesse, Dean Holland, Chris Jett, Timo Garrett, Kameron
Running Time: 01:37:51

They’re at an age when they should probably be settling down and making a life for themselves, but truth is the likes of Ian Graves, Chris Jett and Dean Holland just aren’t ready for that kind of thing. In fact, they’re only really got cock on their minds. A fact that the guys at Dirty Boy Desires are only too eager to make the most of, as they gather these buddies together for the kind of Indecent Project that gay porn fans everywhere are just gonna love. Indeed, these smooth, monster-dicked beauties are soon going crazy for each other; sucking on each other’s knobs and grinding into each other’s asses with the kind of energy that could light up a city. All culminating in a furious blast of pent-up goo for good measure!