Jesse Evans Loves Hot Twinks

Studio: BoyFun
Actors: JD Black, Antony Carter, Rick Lovatelli, Nick Danner, Jesse Evans
Running Time: 01:55:49

Jesse Evans is visiting for a few days, and what a great few days it’s gonna be, with sexy Nick Danner! Picked up from the airport the guys are soon back home and ready for some BoyFun, making out on the couch and exploring their tight bodies. Of course, Nick knows what his friend is packing in his shorts, so it’s not long before his attention is focused on the growing bulge. With shirts off and their slim bodies on display, he gets between his lover’s legs and gets to work on the gorgeous length of cock his friend has to offer him. With his wild blond hair and his smooth and slender build, Rick Lovatelli is a delightful friend to have around, so it’s no wonder horny Jesse Evans is buying him some of the most tempting underwear he can find. Of course, as soon as Rick tries it on, the invitation for some BoyFun is out there and just waiting to be accepted, which takes only a grope and a meeting of lips! With his boyish good-looks, his swooshing hairstyle and his tight and smooth body, Antony Carter is a deliciously hot prospect no sane boy could ignore. His friend Jesse Evans runs into him outside the sex shop at just the right moment, giving the boy a perfect opportunity for some BoyFun. Needless to say, Antony accepts the invitation back to his friend’s apartment instantly, and within moments they’re falling onto his bed and revealing their incredible uncut cocks for each other to taste. Although the trusty porn magazine is something of a rarity in this modern age of internet entertainment, and none of us would have it any other way, there is certainly still a special appreciation for vintage skin mags. It’s just the kind of inspiration, or excuse, a couple of horny guys need to begin engaging in some private BoyFun!