Massage Me & Fuck Me 6

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Studio: Male Reality
Actors: Ricky Rascal, Tomm, Martin Love, Andy, Rudy Bodlak, Arny Donan, George Basten, Travis
Director: K.K.
Running Time: 01:56:06

Tomm is giving Travis a simple relaxing massage, but once he works his way down to Travis’ tight ass, he just can’t resist getting a little more hands-on! A hard day’s work can give you some sore shoulders, but a strong pair of man hands can pump out that soreness. Andy is busy giving Arny a nice relaxing massage when he notices how good his ass looks in his briefs. He is quick to pull them aside and really get busy with Arny’s hot body. While Rudy is enjoying a cold drink at a resort he is staying at, a young masseuse offers him a complimentary massage. Rudy’s main goal is to get a “Happy Ending”