Men of the Military

Studio: Bareback Network
Actors: Diego Cerrutti, Rick Lennon, Daniel Trebol, Antu Burghos, Tommy Ameal, Vincent Landi, Joris
Running Time: 01:17:02

Men of the Military explores military fantasies and is sure to whip any boy into a fine young soldier. New recruits and other militia members need to be on their best behavior at all times or face the consequences of their actions. Men of the Military will have you busting your nut faster than you can shout, “Oorah”.When Sergeant Joris Leonard goes to check up on cadet Vincent Landi he finds him still in his cot, Sergeant Leonard finds some used tissues under his covers along with his phone playing gay porn. Cadet Landi knows that pornography is not allowed on the base so Sergeant Leonard punishes him by fully pounding his hole.Cadet Daniel Trebol meets with Sergeant Rick Lennon to tell him that he’s made the decision to leave the troops. The young Cadet says the military life just isn’t for him but doesn’t want to be dishonorably discharged. Sergeant Lennon says that he can help Cadet Trebol get out, but only if he does everything he says… starting with sucking his cock.Sergeant Danieal Trebol oversees Cadet Tommy Ameal’s physical training, but when his results are poor he must proceed to punish the young soldier. After all, Sergeant Trebol believes discipline is the best motivator. Tommy learns pretty quickly that punishments are very personal here, as Sargent Trebol drills his hole with his huge cock.Sergeant Diego Cerrutti is teaching soldier Antu Burghos how to properly fold his garments. The young soldier is a quick learner and eager to please his drill instructor. Once the Sergeant is sure that this lesson has been mastered, he decides that young Antu must learn another important lesson; how to keep this superior officer happy.